Family Login

  • Your User Name and Password are the same login used for Skyward Family Access.
 Login Tips
  • If your Skyward Family Access password has been changed in Skyward, you must wait overnight for the new password to be updated in this payment portal
  • If you did not receive your Skyward Family Access Login/Password or have misplaced/forgotten it, please call your student's school.        

If you are a PARENT and have forgotten your Skyward FamilyAccess password, please CLICK HERE to recover/reset it.  Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for your new password to update in all systems.

Guest Login/Non-Kelso School District parents

Non-Student / Guest users are required to create an account.

To create an account CLICK HERE

Instructions: Enter in a User Name and Password along with your customer information. The user name should be a valid email address and the password needs to be at least 7 characters and contain a number. Once the account is created you will be directed to the sign in page. Sign in using the User Name and Password you created. You will only need to create an account one time. Please maintain your User Name and Password in a secure location for future use.

Kelso Public Schools does not sell or give your personal information (e-mail address, home address, telephone, etc.) to any agency for their solicitation.

In order for your purchases/donations to be attached to your Kelso Public Schools student, you will need to sign into TouchBase using the username and password provided by your students’ school.


Sorry, but we do not accept American Express.